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Thursday, February 26, 2015

How Find a House For Rent In Labuan

How to find a rental house in Labuan? if you move to this island either converted or want to work here, of course, you want to find a rental home here, to your knowledge rental houses on the island are very hard to find as a result of increasing population on this island.

The island's population increase due to job opportunities that are offered by factories and oil exploration companies (offshore).

These are a few tips on how you are looking for a rental house on the island.

Facebook group 'no next'
If you have a Facebook account you can find this group 'No Next' and request for membership in this group, the number of members in this group have reached fifty thousand people and most of them are living on this island.

If you have been a member of this group, you can ask about a rental home on this island in the group, do not worry they will help you.

Facebook group 'We Love Labuan' (well)
The second group facebook top is 'We Love Labuan' members in this group of twenty-four thousand people, you can request to become a member of this group and asked the members of this group on the rental house.

Advertise on Financial Park
you can find rental homes offered in shopping malls Financial Park if you are into shopping malls in this place you can look for paid advertisements on the notice board provided and sometimes add rental house is offered
This website is among the famous shopping online in Malaysia, you may see ads that offer rental homes in Labuan on this page.

Ask for help from a friend
If you will be moved to the island, contact a friend who was on the island to ask for help finding a rental home in this area.

Council Labuan Corporation (Majlis Perbadanan Labuan)
You can apply for a rental house owned by MPL in Layang-Layangan, LDA housing, and Bukit Kuda, applications can be applied in their office (MPL) but it depends on the terms and conditions.


If you intend to get a rental house near urban areas, you must have an income of at least RM 5K or more, the monthly rental rate of 1K to 5K.

If you find a cheaper rental house on the island, you can find in the village area, the rental rate in the region estimated 450 to 700 per month.

If you acquire a rental house in the village, you do not have to worry about the distance to the city because of the time required only takes 20 minutes if you drive a car.
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