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Friday, February 20, 2015

How Content Is 100% Original Writing?

Your writing 100% original? are you a student? college? University? original writing content reflects the quality of our writing, originality of the writing is very important for college and university students to get scoring from a paper or assignment.

Writing is copied from the ideas of others will affect your score, if you write in the blog but imitate ideas from others will cause your writing is not listed in Google search.

Must  Own Ideas
When you write it the idea of writing your own mind because you will lose money and time will be wasted if imitating the work of others.

If a paper or assignment must submit online at the university or college will use the software known as plagiarism to ensure the content of your writing does not contain ideas of others (duplicate content).
Content  original  writing

Writing Must Own Words
If you make a paper by reference through the Internet or reference books to make sure the writing, using your own words and not copying the whole verse in the book of reference.

Link To Third Party Websites
Do not park in the website URL link content will affect the authenticity of the writing because of writing.

When you make reference to the writing, look for books that are useful, such as in libraries and the internet.

For bloggers, if you put pictures in writing, make sure the picture is genuine and yours because Google does not accept photo containing copyright.

If you want to put these photos also make sure to edit the first photo, but it is not recommended because if the original owner of the photo makes reports to Google, your blog could be penalized.

How To Ensure 100% Original Content
To ensure 100% original content writing, you can find in the internet software which can detect your writing is genuine or not.

When finished writing, I will copy my posts on this website Plagiarism Checker, Click here .

You will be satisfied when writing content is 100% original and not imitate the writing of any party
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