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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Guide Name Change Of Vehicle Ownership In Puspakom

How to change ownership of a vehicle? you want to buy a used car belonging to your friends, but do not know the process to change the name, the actual process is not difficult, once the process is very easy if you know the correct guidance

My friend can not change the name of the process which he bought for not knowing the process to change ownership of the vehicle until I taught him the right way.

01) Make sure Windscreen bright, side mirrors and transparency rate is 50% and the rear windshield is a mandatory 70% .

02) Engine number, chassis did not suffer damage, it is the purpose of getting to know the identity of the vehicle.

03) Part of the vehicle body is not cut or through the connection process (cutting and grafting) .

Guide name change of vehicle ownership in Puspakom
04) Make sure the vehicle has not undergone unauthorized modifications or has not received approval from the Department of Road Transport and your vehicle must be in standard condition .

01) Bring the car in any office nearest Puspakom, leave MyKad or passport at the guard house and grab the visitor cards.

02) Bring the car to the line change of ownership.

03) Tell them you are making arrangements to change ownership of the vehicle and make a payment of RM 30 .

04) Wait until V.E take your car to be inspected.

05) When finished, take the car and parking in the space provided.

06) Wait until you are called on to take decisions (VR-1), red paper.

07) The validity of the results of the inspection only one month.

Puspakom inspection completed, go to JPJ to swap name.

01) Went to the counter and ask for a change of name form, if the original owner car with no you can ask for confirmation by a commissioner of oaths.

02) If road tax still can be used, you can obtain car insurance through your name or wait road tax and insurance expired, then you do this renewal process both, but make sure VR1 has not expired.

03) If all documents and forms have been completed, go to JPJ counters and ask them to re-form and check your documents, if everything is complete you need to take a queue number and wait until called.

04) When you turn up, they will ask for your IC and will sign the grant of the car and payment process RM 100 .
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