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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Guide Buying Used Car Correctly

Do you ever buy a used car? Buy a used car can be profitable if you know the right way when buying a used car.

Some people are willing to buy a new car rather than buying used cars because of worry to bear the risk of damage

You need to be careful when buying used vehicles for risky buy a used car that has a problem.

When viewing a used car make an appointment with the owner / car salesman, you do not need to rush to buy a car and make sure that the weather in good condition.
Guide buying used car correctly
Provide a pen and notebook to use as the markings on used cars.

You are recommended to bring a friend who has a wide experience in the car, this makes it easier to identify problem cars with more detail.

When you open the bonnet to check the vehicle, make sure you see brake oil, coolant, radiator cap, oil, power steering and engine oil.

Check carefully both the oil level if there is a leak in the power steering hose when the hose is saturated with oil is likely a harbinger of impending damage in the future and require high repair costs.

When you check the engine oil using the dye shaft engine, the level check engine looks normal, check the engine cap, make sure it does not contain sediment.

Engine  generally works well when oil looks golden yellow, golden brown, slightly brown or dark brown.

Liquid cooling
When opening the radiator cap to check if it contains sediment in areas where sediment is likely to contain the air conditioning system has a problem.

Stretching the back of the car bonnet and between panel.

Check the carpet, rear and front car bonnet and check the entire panel to ensure no leakage.

Carefully check the tire grooves, to look at the overall condition of the tires turn the steering left and right, if on the edge of the tire marks eroded the car suspension problems.

Expand entire car doors, make sure when opening and closing the door does not produce sound, if it sounds indicating a connection problem at the door.

If you open your car door to the overall look and conditions under car seats.

Another matter of concern is the windows, engines, switches and buttons, outdoor lights, wipers, emergency brakes, air conditioning and power steering.

Make sure that all these elements are functioning properly.

Turn on the car engine and see smoke coming out of car exhaust emits thick white smoke if the car is having trouble valve system and requires high maintenance cost.

The exhaust will produce dense black smoke due to a problem on the car, the normal smoke is emitting smoke a little black and gray.

Press the gas pedal car exhausts emit little water if it means that the engine is functioning properly

Trying to hold on the exhaust shaft if it contains sludge and oily means the car had major problems in engines and will require high maintenance costs.
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