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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Effects of global warming kill people.

What is global warming? Most of the world's population does not know about the effect of warming, global warming is trapping gases in the atmosphere, known as greenhouse gases consist of groups of gases (chlorofluorocarbons, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide (CFC), nitrogen oxides, methane) prevent and trapping the earth's heat from escaping into space .

According to the study, groups of gas, allowing sunlight to pass through but prevents extreme re-release of radiation into the atmosphere of the earth .

 Heat is trapped in a layer of gas is increasing, causing an increase in global temperatures.

There are many causes of global warming are among the
- Industrial
- Electricity generation
- Transport
- Open burning
- Logging


Increasingly greedy man to discover the source of excessive heat causes the temperature of the earth's temperatures are said to have increased by two degrees and the rate varies according to the continent and the specific area is not impossible that someday humans will become extinct like Dinosour.

Sea level rise
Warmer temperatures and persistent can cause lumps in the west Antarctic ice will melt and increase the temperature of the earth and the sea water level will rise.

Areas around the coast of flooding and erosion and result in loss of wetlands.

Salt water can enter freshwater catchment areas and will threaten water supply.

Sea Life Threatened
Sea water becomes hot due to global warming is increasing pressure on marine ecosystems.

Habitat changes
Weather changes from cold to hot or otherwise cause wildlife to move to a new location.

Weather disorders
Changing temperature or inconsistent will bring disaster on earth.

Temperature change causes rainfall will also change this will cause the phenomenon of drought or flood.

The spread of disease
Malaria and dengue would threaten human health, overexposure to high temperature causes cataracts and skin cancer.

Hot temperatures create various complications of the disease to humans.
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