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Monday, February 2, 2015

Effective way to address the issue of rising prices

Rising prices have hit many countries, this leads to increasing human expense.For those who live in poverty, this increase is undoubtedly pose a burden to them.Steps should be taken by the authorities to deal with the increase of goods, people need to be prepared and practice saving tips.

Practice thrift
Each family must practice thrift, for example, reduce daily expenses such as this before spending the whole family is as much as 100 percent and reduced by 80 percent.

When practicing this way by as much as 20 percent of expenses can be saved.

The head of the family also must plan carefully family expenses.
Head of the family should play an important effect in the financial management of their families, careful planning should be practiced at all times such as isolating money for food purposes such as rice, vegetables, etc.

Apart from the need to buy food expenses other needs such as furniture, dining table, curtains need to be removed first.

All expenditures shall be made based on need.
shop by need alone, reduce expenses such as buying clothes, shoes and so on

This method can reduce monthly expenses.

All members of society to boycott the goods in the market price goes up dramatically.
When the price of goods in supermarkets rose sharply, the community must unite to boycott products so that the management of supermarkets reduce their stuff

If the community is not united when it boycotted the increase in prices of goods so irresponsible to raise the price of goods with impunity.

Monitoring by government
The government should always make continuous monitoring and taking action against any party who raise prices without the approval of the government..

When the government often make monitoring on the prices of goods in the supermarket price increase dramatically goods can be fixed.

People should cooperate with the government to find a solution to the problem of rising prices, Rising food prices has troubled many parties, especially consumers. The consumer must be wise and prudent when shopping.
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