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Friday, February 13, 2015

11 Best Proposals Prevent Hair Loss

Hair is the crown of every person, someone experiencing hair loss lack confidence when dealing with society, this issue needs to be addressed in the early stages of hair loss so as not to worsen.

There are many causes of hair loss include genetic factors, greasy hair, dandruff, stress, poor working conditions and other.

At present various ways to prevent hair loss, those fortunate often choose modern treatment methods while lower income groups prefer traditional treatment methods.

These are some suggestions on how to overcome hair loss.

Prevent hair loss
Nutrition for hair
Choose foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamins essential for hair growth, food intakes, such as meat, cereals, dairy products, vegetables, and fruits will give vitamins to the hair

Consumption of fast foods should be avoided like Maggi, McDonald, KFC, Marry Brown and more, fast food is not good for long-term health and not good for the health of hair.

Intake of fried foods should also be avoided because it will cause oily hair.

Shampoo for hair
The use of current treatment shampoo hair loss suffers like hair fall shampoo anti important for maintaining healthy hair.

When using shampoo, do not use your nails as hair loss will multiply, use shampoo and massage your head for five minutes to balance the blood circulation in the scalp.

Hair tonic
Hair tonic to reduce and prevent hair from falling, use this tonic every time after a shower.

Shed hair tonic hair loss area and massage gently for five minutes.

Stress cause of hair loss
Experts say the cause of hair loss due to stress, financial problems, at work and family issues

When you experience this stress will affect hormone levels and lead to hair loss, Thus to avoid experiencing stress.

Taking vitamin B12 for hair 
This vitamin is said vitamin for hair, strengthens hair roots and promote growth.

How to get these vitamins is through the pharmacy or in a hospital, various types of vitamin B12 and you should consult your doctor regarding the dosage prescribed.

Hair specialist doctor
suggest, if you are experiencing this problem consult a medical professional hair specialist near where you live, your doctor may recognize your hair problems in detail and recommend appropriate treatment for your hair.

Aloe Vera treat hair loss
This is an alternative treatment method, the use of Aloe Vera to treat hair loss is relevant because many have overcome hair loss just by using aloe Vera.

Your recommended aloe Vera plant trees in the yard, let it grow, how to use it is, cut the stems Aloe Vera and store in the refrigerator.

During use, cut the stems a bit Aloe Vera and smear to your hair, make these practices every day.

Coconut oil for growing hair
This oil is known for its effectiveness to nourish hair, this oil is sold in pharmacies, what you need to do is smear a little coconut oil to your hair every day and massage gently in five minutes.

Olive oil for healthy hair
Olive oil is the oil royalty at one time and used for medicinal purposes, cooking and as fuel.

Quality olive oil in ancient times used to oil your hair to look radiant and reliable to nourish hair, smear a little olive oil to your hair every day for the health of your hair.

Propecia popular for hair loss
This drug is actually used to treat Parkinson's disease but, during experiments conducted patients with Parkinson's hair has been growing fast.

In America, this drug is very popular because of its effectiveness to cope with hair loss but you should be careful when taking this medicine for genital impotence risk.

Hair Transplant
Hair transplant treatment is a tearful method for treating hair loss, healthy hair on your head will be moved to the head of the less hair.

This treatment process takes many hours to complete and is controlled by a doctor experienced, the cost of treatment is very high and not all countries have a treatment like this.
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