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Saturday, February 21, 2015

10 Tips Potent Treat Toothache

Do you ever have a toothache? anyone ever feel the toothache will feel stress, headaches and mood is not good and sometimes irritable about the small things.

When we know a family member or friend who suffer from toothaches do not joke with them, if you have this problem you suggested going to the dental clinic for treatment.

But what if happens at night? at that time the clinic was closed, what the best method to reduce toothache? try these tips and hopefully toothache can be reduced.


01) Take one glass of hot water and add a few tablespoons of salt, let stand until lukewarm and gargle salt water into the mouth repeatedly.

You will feel the effects of the reduction of pain in one hour.

02) Enter the two paracetamol tablets in a small plastic, crush with a spoon and put into a glass containing a little hot water, let it be warm and drink.
Tips potent treat toothache

Use this method to get the drug immediately.

03) Take a little aloe Vera content, and paste it into a sore tooth, in one to two hours of pain will diminish.

04) Cooked in hot water and add a few tablespoons of salt, and set up a lime, cut into four parts, mix into hot water, gargle broth until toothache decreases.

05) Provide three cloves, nibble on a sore spot, if your teeth cavities, mashed cloves until destroyed and paste into the cavities and cover with cotton.

06) Prepared lemongrass leaves and boiled and add a little salt, used to gargle to relieve toothache.

07) Soak the tea bag into a cup of hot water for a few seconds and then paste it into the sore tooth.

08) If you live in Malaysia seek Gambir Sarawak it is good to treat toothache.

How to order, take a bit of Gambir Sarawak and paste it into cavities, within 2 to 3 minutes toothache will disappear.

09) Take papaya latex, liquid latex into a park cavities, avoid contact with the tongue, this is a quick way to get rid of toothache.

10) Add a little vinegar into a glass of warm water, gargle three times a day until the sore tooth missing.


01) Practiced brushing after every meal, this method can maintain oral hygiene and prevent cavities.

02) Practiced brushing before bed.

03) For a routine examination in dental clinics to make sure the teeth are not problematic and detect early signs of tooth decay.

04) Avoid smoking because it can damage teeth and cause teeth to yellow.

05) Avoid sugary foods because it can damage the teeth.

06) To eat balanced meals that dental health is preserved and prevent tooth decay due to lack of nutrition.

07) After every meal gargling with mouthwash to prevent bad breath and prevent the occurrence of dental plaque.

08) Preferred food such as broccoli vegetables, yams, potatoes, carrots and pumpkin contain lots of vitamins for healthy teeth.

09) Educate children how to properly care for their teeth, education is important to maintain healthy teeth for life.

09) Education with proper dental care of children since it is crucial to maintain healthy teeth for life
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