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Friday, January 23, 2015

The role of parents is very important in educating children

Parents very important role in educating children because children spend most of the time at home with their parents, Here lies the role and responsibility of parents in determining the attitudes and behavior of children.

Those who are highly respected by the children are their parents, children have more respect and comply with the instructions of parents compared with their teacher, shows parents play a very important role in shaping the character, values embedded within their inner children them.

Assertiveness and caring attitude of parents in the home is the most powerful bulwark to stem the influence in an increasingly competitive world.

Peer influence, the influence of anti-moral, powerful media influences children at this point.

Children's education should be emphasized that the incentives at home because at present the school is no longer an institution is able to form a discipline and the basic moral good to the children.
The role of parents is very important in educating children

Parents also must show good behavior in order to join their children.

Home is the foundation of everything, it is not difficult to educate children at a young age because they are easy to follow what is being taught and seen.

Family devastated produce children or adolescents who are often involved in criminal activities

In situations have forced children usually find a way out of sheer emotion and acting consequently their minds are easily tempted to do acts of unlawful behavior such as theft, snatching and so on.

Parents should be responsible for implementing full religious upbringing and moral values in children's lives.

Parents should balancing spiritual and physical upbringing of their children, the perfect upbringing can prevent children from becoming involved in unhealthy activities.

When born, children are like a piece of white cloth, it can be characterized in any color whatsoever.

Here it is clear that parents should play an important role in educating the children, who were given the perfect upbringing of their children grow up to be useful to the human family, nation and religion.

If parents are negligent and ignore their responsibilities to children who are the victims.
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