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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Importance Of Rivers

The river is a natural gift of, the river is important to human civilization since the first again.This evidenced by the existence of early human civilizations such as Egypt Civilization Mesopotamia where early human settlements found in the Nile.

The river is very important for a variety of uses such as irrigation to plants, where human food sources, and many other uses for the benefit of mankind.

In the modern era, there are many rivers are already polluted due to the importance of the human unconscious river to the next generation.

Recreation and tourism
The river is a man to release the pressure when the day's work in the capital city of Most people spend much of their time on the river banks are not contaminated by joint activities with friends and family for recreational activities on weekends.

This is evident when you to places that the river has an interesting place visited by many people at the weekend.

There are many activities performed by them like bathing, swimming, BBQ and many more activities.

living resources
Most places around the world, fishing is still practiced by fishermen in the river.The river is to fishermen to make a living.

Almost every day, everywhere there are fish markets sell fish activity obtained from an unpolluted river.

Irrigation and Drainage for rice
Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia to get water from the river to be drained paddy fields on help from the government for agricultural purposes.

River water irrigation to rice fields to avoid flooded rice than die from lack of water resources.

Electricity supply
Most countries have taken other alternative energy sources for electricity than oil resources by building dams for electricity from Dynamo system or turbine system.

Example dam built for electric power as lake Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu Malaysia.

Source Beverages
No doubt water is the main source for drinking man to continue living this evidenced by the construction of dams, water in rivers and the construction of large water tank for supplies if drought occurs.

Imagine if the water in the rivers dry? What would happen to human life?

In addition to the human river is also very important to other living things such as animals such as birds, elephants, tigers, bears and other animals that need river water as a drink to them.

Tool of communication and transport
In the old days, the river is a means of communication to those who come from outside, most places in estuaries are home to many people and this is easier for people who came to trade barter system came with ships trading to the estuaries because it is inhabited by many people.

In ancient times the Nile was visited by many traders to sell their wares to the settlements near the river.

For industrial purposes
Most mills require a lot of water in their manufacturing processes, like fish factories that require a lot of water in the process of cleaning the fish, plants such as refineries make soy drinks, and so on.

The river is very important to mankind Humans need to keep the river in order drinks supply as well as maintaining adequate daily needs that are not a polluted river.
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