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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Causes of Drug Addiction

Drug interpreted by many as medicines it also means that the active substances either in original form or imitation when inserted into the body either injected, inhaled or ingested can change the function of one's body or organism physically and mentally.

Drug use has been restricted from use by many countries because these drugs have a strong influence on human drugs is limited only in terms of medical purposes and to goods or controlled drugs.

If drug use is not regulated in a State, that State will most likely be destroyed and the country's people will be living human zombies and useless as a result of drug addiction.

Adolescents do not think many women or men who fall in misrepresenting the drug due to several factors.

Influence Peers
Because they want to try or invitation from peers among the causes of the fall in these drugs.
Starting from school very strong influence of friends, by the effect of teachers is essential to sensitize teenagers not to be involved in drug abuse through education and lectures about drugs.
life stress

Due to the collapse of the household, financial issues are also factors that cause mired in drugs.
Drug Addiction

A person suffering from divorce may stem from acts of third parties often feel depressed by her situation and take the easy way by taking drugs to relieve the pressure that had happened.
Financial problems, causing a person to be depressed, someone is taking it easy by taking the drug as Peres eliminate stressful life.

Lack of Religious Education
Religious education should be applied to everyone since they are from young to recognize and sound judgment in assessing the pros and cons will be a problem.

Because of the lack of religious education a person more susceptible to persuasion peers without assessing the impact will happen to him.

Lack of attention from parents
Rigors of a career, are teaching money to forget its responsibility as parents to educate their children accordingly.

Go to work early in the morning and back in at night, children feel less given affection and often mingle with people or friends who should not.
This causes the child fell into drugs without their parents' knowledge.

The influence of the electronic and print media
Film-demand delivery of western countries and in Malaysian that displays vicious elements and elements of drug addiction are easy to view on cinema, Internet you tube and cause many are affected indirectly experimented with drugs

In addition, the print media that exhibit violent stories and nature of drug addiction and unfiltered also among the causes affected by drug addiction.

Effects of drug addiction this will cause various diseases arising against itself among addicts brain damage, blurred vision, stroke and many other implications of drug addiction.
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