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Monday, January 12, 2015

Causes Of Child Abuse

Every year, we often hear on television news about the abuse of children by parents. 

It should never have happened in the present day, very sad when children are abused physically, using an iron, kicked, slapped, punched and various forms of torture inflicted on people who do not know the meaning of life.

Where humanitarian values people like this? Well, here are some reasons, why this might happen.

No religious education
If applied to the religious education of parents, maybe things like this would not happen, who should be blamed?

Every human being should be aware of the existence of God, who sees human behavior in this world, from the religious affiliation of the gods with human existence, of prayer and religious upbringing, people will have the love between human beings and, indirectly love children on the basis of love one another.

Drug addict
Drug addict causes the mind to become damaged at the same time will disappear consideration will be many things, most cases of abuse to children resulting from parents to children is a drug addict.

Due to drug addiction, they will be abused their children, whether conscious or aware of consequences beyond the loss of pressure to get the supply of drugs, or in a state of life, the consequences of taking drugs.

The collapse of the household
Parents divorced causes neglected children without proper care, Divorce causes both spouses will be suppressed, this can lead to children who will become victims, till he would hit their children as a result of the pressures of life as a result of divorce.

According to a study from the Department of Social Welfare most parents who abuse their children as a result of divorce.

Some humans, have a quick temper that causes extreme, difficult to control their anger to things trivial, approach prayer and get closer to God, and the best way to overcome this problem.

In 2014, Harian Metro reported, a father in the state of Terengganu, have been slamming her in bed so that his son suffered a brain hemorrhage, the father said he hit her in bed because not stand the crying.

Someone who is addicted to alcohol, often spend time at the restaurant, which serves liquor, so forget the responsibility to family.This leads their lives unmanageable, and, often came home drunk.

In a drunken condition, as well as the mind is not normal, nagging wife, and scolded her husband, because often spend time drinking alcohol, causing a great fight, causing children to become victims of abuse as a result of the fighting.

There are many types of abuse occur, the children in the world.In the State New Zealand, the laws are very strict against child abuse, that children can not be played directly. Law as it is able to prevent the occurrence of child abuse.

The couple who work as ambassadors Malaysia tourism in the country has been tried in court New Zealand, because they just spank children, teach their children to be obedient to the religious instruction to pray.

In Malaysia, spank children for the purpose of educating the parents are not to blame.

Children are the successor to our generation it is a gift from God, without them, the next generation will not happen.
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