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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cause Of Road Accidents

Every day, there are thousands of vehicle accidents occur on the road, and has involved a lot of death, Is the cause of the tragedy like this?

Death vehicle accidents could have been avoided, if every man is aware, the road is the field for the killing, death is likely to be reduced.

Various approaches are being made by the government in each country, to solve this problem, for example driving awareness through media and local newspapers as well as public awareness lectures.

The causes of the accident categorized as follows.

When driving, his ego must be disposed of in themselves, sometimes, ego is the cause of the accident, in which a person who overtaking, not given the opportunity to withhold, by drivers who minded his ego and feel great.

As a result, the overtaking driver, do not cut off the vehicle, cause, colliding with a vehicle in the opposite route.

Before driving long distances, sleep should be sufficient, and sufficient rest, because of many drivers, suffered an accident as a result of falling asleep while driving.

Recently, in Malaysia, there are several vehicle accidents in the right way, this is due, fell asleep while driving.

It is sad because the vehicle is involved in an accident, some family, all died, because the vehicles they ride, had violated a truck in the opposite route.

Unplanned trip
Long journey, must be properly designed, transit, roads that need to be passed, it must be noted before doing the driving, since when do drive that is not designed, causing loss of direction to guide for getting lost, do a u-turn and suddenly, as a result the wrong way and this led to the risk of accidents on the roads is high.

Phone use
Often, we hear, as a result of accidents on the road using a mobile phone.
Many governments, directing the drivers who use cell phones while driving, fined, because this is simply to discipline the driver, in order to comply with the rules of the road, as well as prevent them from accidents.

See visions
There are drivers who often fantasize on the road, and think of things that are not supposed to when driving on the road, and this causes, the driver leading to the risk of road accidents, not only for the driver but a passenger with him.

Drivers who always fantasized had an accident with another vehicle crashed into the rear.

Undoubtedly, the terrain is not flat, or damaged roads and roads have sharp bends, the risk of vehicle accident.

The authorities should make an assessment, and monitoring on the streets at risk of road accidents, and make improvements to the road.

Too slow
Driving in conditions too slow, also the cause of road accidents, because driving a vehicle with a speed limit of normal, can not make an estimate vehicle speed is driving slowly, and this causes the vehicle to be infringing vehicles driving too slow.

There are many causes of accidents, to reduce the accident rate, the need for awareness of the public, and the authorities need to conduct awareness campaigns through lectures, and the effect of the media to realize this awareness campaign.
Posted by mr geo Updated at: January 13, 2015