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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Basic knowledge of football

What is the basis in football? Many do not know whether the principle in football although one can play the ball well, at an age when 15 years, I have represented the district level football team at my school, our instructors are former football players abroad , during the first football training this la questioned by my coach, whether basic football preformance, How about you, do you know?

in fact, the basis of football is not as difficult as I thought, very important that you know the basics so you can optimize your talent in football and not merely out to play football, soccer basic knowledge needed to apply since childhood to become a successful football player.

Actually football foundation is already there inside of every football player carrying the ball skills, you should know this technique and trying to master it, left foot and right foot should be balanced and able to carry the ball with existing skills.

to master these techniques ,require consistent training every day.

Many football players have mastered this technique, but to achieve a professional level is very difficult because it requires training to be serious.

Skills left foot and right foot and head to fondle the ball is very important in football basis.
You can look at Youtube professional footballer like Ronaldinho cradling the ball with great talent.

The next is the basic football skills sending the ball to his friend, one of the causes of the defeat of football is as a result of weakness in the ball or giving the ball accurately to a friend, when we see a pattern of league games in Western countries and European countries, sent the ball very precise skills and describing them as a professional player.

Three basic football is very important for any footballer to know, for those who aspire to become professional players, is trying to master this technique.Ongoing training should be done every day in order to improve the quality of training, not only football players should know this basic but all communities.
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