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Friday, January 16, 2015

Advantages and effects of the increase in vehicles in the country

In this modern world has created a variety of vehicles for human consumption to meet the everyday needs of luxury cars to medium quality cars were invented.

In Malaysia only, there are millions of vehicles on the roads nationwide increase in vehicles occur each year as a result of public demand.This led to the automotive industry is growing rapidly.

Facilitate travel
With the existence of a vehicle to facilitate people moving from place to place easily and save time

Previously people were moving from one place to take several days to reach the destination but now only takes a matter of hours.
National financial resources
Because of the many requests by the public to the vehicle regardless of vehicle locally produced or imported lead ultimately benefit the State tax revenue from vehicle sales pen.

According to staff costs, Produa makes a car Perodua Viva budget of approximately RM 15K for Viva 850 car when sold to the public and sold at the new price estimate RM 30K.

Source jobs
High demand from the public for a vehicle to boost the automotive industry and also offers many job opportunities for Malaysians.

Examples in Pekan Pahang Perodua vehicle assembly industry, Suzuki and much more have opened job opportunities for the people there.

Nevertheless, an increasing number of vehicles, which are in Malaysia cause some effects and disadvantages of this Article should be considered and taken seriously how to solve this problem so that there are dumping vehicles in Malaysia

The increase in road accidents
Each year, according to the static issued by the police are thousands of accidents occur in all countries and involves hundreds of deaths.

Among the factors that caused the accident was due to an increase in existing vehicles on the road.

Release of carbon monoxide gas
Millions of vehicles moving every day, you can imagine the release of carbon monoxide from each vehicle will not only endanger the greenhouse but harmless to humans.

Various diseases can occur in humans when every day smelling gas carbon monoxide.

Traffic congestion
Any City, especially in the capital city of traffic jams, often occurs causing them to start working out early in the morning to avoid traffic congestion.

Every festive celebration such as Hari Raya along the road out of the capital city, major cities suffers from severe traffic congestion.

Noise pollution
Residents living in the capital often feel depressed due to noise generated from the vehicle that never stops throughout the day.

Youngsters often racing illegally on the streets in the capital city produces sound from the exhaust of vehicles they are very strong and cause a frequent occurrence of noise pollution.

It is time the government took the approach of how to cope with the influx of vehicles on the road If not addressed promptly traffic congestion will occur abysmal Malaysia should follow the approach adopted by Japan and Singapore where they limit their vehicles only ten years only
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