Pet Tip: Do Not Keep Leopard Gecko, If You Do Not Have These Features.

Each of you is excluded from liking animals, regardless of wildlife or pets. For yourself, what kind of animal do you like? Most people often love pets like cats and dogs because these animals are very friendly to humans.

At present, many people love wild animals such as leopard geckos to make pets. Nevertheless, these animals need a fairly frivolous care.

Well, here's your advice, do not keep leopard geckos if you do not have these features.

1. You do not have a suitable place to stay for this animal.
Did you know that when you want to keep the leopard gecko, you should think about the ideal place to stay for this animal?
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Photo by, Matt Reinbold, Licenced Via Creative Commons
The suitable place to stay, meaning here, you need to provide at least one tank and have a lid. Glass or plastic tanks are the ideal places to place a leopard gecko. To get this tank, you can buy it at a pet store near your residence. How? Are you willing to prepare this tank?

2. In the area where you live is difficult to find food for a leopard gecko.
If you get a leopard gecko from the jungle, this animal is a wild animal and needs time to adjust his condition. At the beginning you catch these animals, of course, these animals are in a stressful situation and you need to be smart in dealing with these animals.

Examples of these stress animals are, these animals do not want to eat the food they are given. One more thing, you should give this animal the appropriate food to it, such as crickets, cockroaches, locusts, and caterpillars.

Is it easy for you to prepare this food to a leopard gecko? Think about this, if you find it hard to get food for leopard geckos, forget about your desire to preserve this animal.

3. You do not really want to keep this animal.
Some people, they keep the leopard geckos just for fun and not serious, this will cause these animals not to endure in their care.

Do you know? Leopard geckos are unlike other animals, these animals require special care, such as food for these animals should be the food this pet loves, the tank for this animal shelter, should be cleaned as often as possible to prevent the disease.

4. The area where you live is not suitable for gecko.
Where do you live? How are you living in? Do you keep other pets in your home, such as cats? If you keep your cat in your house, leopard geckos are at risk of being stressed because, most likely, your cat will disrupt the leopard gecko while in the tank of his residence.

Before you intend to keep the leopard gecko in your house, you should think of many things first, before you decide to keep the animal as your pet.

Tips For How To Become A Police Officer

Are you interested in becoming a police officer? The ambition of choosing a career as a police officer is a pure choice. Career as a police officer is to make sure the peace and order of the society are always preserved.

Police have multiple calls depending on the language used in a country. For example, if you live in New York, the police called as NYPD (New York Police Department), In the German police state called 'Polizei'.

This article guided you, how to become a police officer and succeed in the interview. Although the conditions for being a police officer in other countries vary, the basic conditions for becoming a police officer are not much different.

Tips and preparations before becoming a police officer. 
These are some tips and preparations you need to take before applying to become a police officer.
  • Interested in police officer's career
  • Physical preparation
  • Mental preparation
  • Certificate of graduation.
1. Interest to become a police officer.
Are you really interested in becoming a police officer? If, yes, you are in the right field in your career choice. Regardless of the career you choose, interest will need to be applied for yourself first because, without a profound interest in a career, you will not succeed in the field you choose. Some people choose that career without examining it more deeply whether he really likes his own job.
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Photo by, Ben_Kerckx, Licenced Via Creative Commons
Do you know? Career as a police officer is not the same as a career in another field eg clerk, banker, or other fields. The main basis of a career as a police officer involves always working with the community to combat crime, preserve peace and order, preventing violence and crime from occurring, law enforcement, prosecuting offenders, security intelligence, criminal offense, narcotic offenders, white collar crime, Traffic enforcement, and more.

2. Physical preparation.
Among the key requirements for being a police officer is that your height should meet the conditions set by the police department where you live. Without this qualification, even if you have an academic qualification, it can not help you when called for physical testing. 

In addition, other conditions for men only, the size of your chest while breathing and without breathing should meet the prescribed conditions.

Therefore, you should know clearly what is the least height and normal breast size set by the police department in your area. You should also have a healthy body and without any illness, no eyesight defects limb not disabled, and, not involved with harmful drug abuse.

Make sure you also know the least and maximum age requirements to apply for a police officer. If you are too young and may be too old to apply for a police officer, your application will not be accepted.

Although externally, you have passed the physical test, you will be directed to undergo a health test of a government hospital and should be certified healthy by a qualified doctor. Often, this test will be carried out when you have passed the interview.

Why physically should be healthy and the test is a health test? Do you know? When you have succeeded in an interview, you will then undergo basic training for police officers at the training center of several months? Exercise is quite severe and rugged, and if you have a weak and diseased body, how can you continue your training? That's why the healthy physical need to become a police officer.

3. Mental preparation.
As the authors say before, the career as a police officer requires you to deal with society. As you know, a career as a police officer is a career full of mental stress, not just stress with society but pressure at work. During your training at the police training center, you will be trained to receive the stresses that need your mental strength.

For example, every mistake you make, you will receive a punishment of the form of deployment. You will be taught how to accept abusive words, how to control anger, as well as unreasonable instructions, tedious physical exercises, weapon training, and all these, is training in preparation for being a respected police officer in the eyes of the community.

Even though you have not yet applied for a career as a police officer, you need to know this in advance as an early preparation to enable you to receive mental stress in training and stress when you are really getting a career as a police officer.

4 . Certificate of graduation.
The final preparations before applying for a police officer are about your certificate of approval. Each country needs the academic certificate qualifications set up to apply as a police officer.

For example, in Malaysia, for the post of police officer inspectors, at least need a graduate degree obtained from a local university or a degree obtained from an overseas recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and a public service department.

According to some articles that the writer read, to qualify candidates in the U.S. requires a need for a permanent U.S. resident, applicants must be between 17.5 and 35 years old for written examinations for public service and to be an NYPD police officer, age must be within 21 years and graduate 60 college credits with a minimum of 2.0 GPA, have a driver's license and live in about 5 cities in New York.

The academic need does not apply to anyone serves for the U.S. military for two years. Each country has different conditions to allow candidates to become police officers. So understand what conditions are required to meet the eligibility requirements for police officers in your country.

Is Propecia Effective Against Treating Hair Loss?

Some time ago the author had read some articles about Propecia or Finasteride drugs. This medicine is said to be able to cure hair loss problems. How much about the truth? If it is true that this medicine is capable of treating hair loss, it is a good news for us.

After reading some of the articles in this drug, the authors have made some research on where this drug came from and why it is so popular for the treatment of hair loss problems.

Through its own author study, Finasteride (5mg) medicines have been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1992 to treat men with swollen prostate gland or other words of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) under the Proscar brand and in 1997, Finasteride medicines (1mg ) get FDA approval for hair pattern baldness (MPB ), marketed by Merck through the Propecia brand.
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Photo by, bykst, Licenced Via Creative Commons

When the author goes through a deeper study through health articles of the efficacy of this drug to deal with hair loss problems, the authors find that there are some possible effects that will arise as a result of taking this medicine.

Here are the possible effects of taking this medication.

1. Part of chest pain when touching.

2. Impotence.

3. Sexual desire decreases.

4. Ejaculation disorders.

In addition, this drug should not be taken by pregnant women or pregnant because they are at risk for a baby's disability. When we look at the effects that may arise due to this medication, it is quite scary, right?

Many people say this medicine is very effective to grow hairs especially men but the author has read a health article from the Goodrx web about how finasteride works on your body. Referring to the health articles, if you take this medicine for the treatment of hair loss, you will see a clear effect on the growth of your hair after three months of taking this medicine at the prescribed dosage.

This medicine also can not treat your hair loss but it will cause your hair to grow rapidly. As long as you take this medicine, as long as your hair will grow and if you stop taking this medicine, your hair will disappear again after a year stop taking this medicine.

What is the dosage set for taking Propecia? You should refer to a qualified doctor to determine the correct dosage for your need if you want to take this medicine because it is a controlled drug.

Through health articles, we have learned the benefits and effects of taking these drugs to ourselves. For anyone that has taken this medicine for the treatment of hair loss, what do you think about this drug?

Hair Loss Tips, Hair Transplant The Last Alternative Treatment To Grow Your Hair?

The problem of hair loss is the problem most people in the world face in regard to men and women. The various alternative treatments from health professionals to help with this problem.

For example, the production of the product to grow hair loss, the product controls hair loss, such as shampoo and hair tonic. The prices for each of these products vary, there are valuable products we can afford and there are also products with a slightly expensive price offer.

However, not all products can really treat hair loss and do you know? There are many people who have hair problems have been spending thousands of dollars solely for wanting to treat hair loss problems faced by them?

Who is the benefactor of this problem? Those who are profitable are those who sell products to overcome hair loss. Undoubtedly, there are excellent products for hair loss for some types of hair problems faced by a person but it is ineffective for all types of hair loss problems.
Photo by, Bild framifrån, Licenced Via Creative Commons
On the market, there are different types of products for hair loss and if you are lucky, you will get a product that really works to handle your hair problem.

If you have spent thousands of dollars to overcome your hair loss problem, but until now the problem has not been successful, maybe you can use other alternatives to overcome your problems like hair transplant treatment.

Why are you suggested for this treatment? As we know, every hair loss problem has many types and causes, and all the treatments for hair loss, there is a successful treatment and there is also an unsuccessful treatment.

Treatment by hair transplant may help to solve your hair problem. Who knows? Currently, there are various countries that now have a service clinic for hair transplant treatment. You can search the internet to find out if there is a hair transplant treatment service in your area.

What is a hair transplant treatment? Well, through the author's research, hair transplant is a treatment process for hair loss. An authorized doctor will undergo surgery through your scalp to get a lush hair follicle and this lush hair follicle will be transferred to the scalp section of your head with a hair loss problem (bald).

The principle is simple, the lush hair follicles, known as donors, and the part of hair loss that is faced with hair loss is known as the recipient. This procedure is known as FUT or follicular unit transplantation. Do you understand this procedure?

The question here is, is this treatment really effective for your hair? Through this author's study, hair transplant treatment is extremely popular worldwide and famous people like Wayne Rooney, Jason Gardiner, Rob Brydon, Gordon Ramsay, Lloyd Daniels, Calum Best, James Nesbitt, Louis Walsh, Joe Swash, and more, have already received this treatment.

Is this hair transplantation really working with their hair loss problem? Yes! The hair transplant treatment on their hair has been successful and they are able to recover their lost hair.

As you know, this treatment requires a relatively expensive cost of money because the process is quite complicated and takes a few hours for the hair transplant process to be carried out by a qualified doctor.

What do you think? Do you want a hair transplant treatment? For the author's own opinion, if the product you are using can not restore your hair again, it is best to try this treatment. If you are lucky, this treatment is able to restore your lost hair.

One Of Your Legs Broken And Cemented? What Should Be Done At Home?

Sometimes fate is not always on our side, for example, we experience an accident that causes us to injure our limbs, such as broken limbs, broken hands, broken bones, or injuries in other limbs.

For the writer's self, the worst case of an accident is broken on your legs. When this happens, you will certainly be hospitalized for treatment on a broken leg. If both your legs are broken, it's a bad dream because you have to be in the hospital for long-term treatment.

If a broken leg is just one foot left or right, the news is good for you, you may be allowed to go home while waiting for a doctor's appointment on another day for follow-up treatment.

Although you are allowed by a doctor back home, the next challenge is when you are in your own home. When one of your legs has broken and you have been receiving treatment for broken leg footing, the challenge that you have to face is that you will be very difficult to walk or move.
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Photo by, Ted Eytan, Licenced Via Creative Commons
Here are two alternatives to help you move in the house when one of your legs is broken.

1. Wheelchairs

2. Stick

If you've been to a hospital before, you've never seen a wheelchair often used by the hospital to bring patients who can not walk to receive treatment.

For the author's own opinion, the wheelchair is the best alternative to helping you walk when you are injured by a broken leg. Where can we find this wheelchair?

You can get wheelchairs at any pharmacy or hospital or pharmaceutical agent. You have to spend some money to buy a wheelchair for your own convenience.

The stick for the broken leg
If your broken leg injury is not serious, another alternative is to use a stick. The sticks for the broken leg are designed to help those injured in the legs to make it easier for them to move.

Like wheelchairs, sticks for broken legs can be bought at any pharmacy or pharmaceutical agent.

If you have set up one of the tools that can help you move, the next thing you should think about is what you have to do at home while waiting for a doctor's appointment.

The injury to one of your legs and your legs has been cemented so that all the things we should do will be abandoned. We have to be in the house for a long time and what you can do is sleep and eat. This is certainly the most boring thing, right?

Well, here are some suggestions to make the days you visit your home become more meaningful and one of the ways to get rid of your worthiness.

1. Play video games
Today is a sophisticated era, or in other words, the era of technology. On the market, there are various sophisticated gadgets such as smartphones and video game gadgets like X-box 360 and more.

If you are really interested in this game, you can get one of these gadgets to spend your time trying out popular games right now.

Through just smartphones too, you can get various games through Android or iPhone app. You only need to enter the application and download the game you love.

2. Surf the internet
Are you interested in browsing the internet? If so, this idea can get rid of your boring feeling by surfing the internet like reading the latest news, going to popular social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other social sites to communicate with your friends.

3. Write in Blog
If you are interested in writing, the author suggests you to try to open a Google weblog account and this blog is totally free at no cost. You can write anything you like on this blog.

4. Drawing
This hobby is probably for those who are artistic. You can ask for help from your family members to buy some tools for painting and dyeing at a nearby bookstore where you live.

5. Write a novel
Are you interested in writing a novel? If you are interested in writing a novel, at least you need a computer or laptop to write a novel.

6. Watch the movie
Currently, there are many exciting films shown in theaters. You can buy movie packages that can be purchased through your subscribed TV channel package.

You can also watch movies on YouTube, asking for help from your family to buy popular and up-to-date VCD movies.

7. Karaoke
Did you know that if you sing, it can actually get rid of boring and stress? Occasionally, if you feel bored, you are advised to do so in your home. However, make sure that you do not disturb your neighbours. You can invite your friends or family to karaoke at the weekend.

8. Pray
Do you have religion? You have suffered a broken leg because God wants you to think what you've been doing with your life before and want you to be close to it? Sorry, this is just an assumption, whatever, if you have a religion, pray for your own recovery and pray very well for peace of mind.

Well, we are at the end of this article and there are eight suggestions from the author, what needs to be done in your home when you have a broken leg injury. Perhaps this proposal can also be applied to those who are sick at home other than broken leg injuries.

Beauty Tips: Can You Squeeze Acne In The Face?

Having a clean face and without having any pimples, is dreamed of by everyone, however, not everyone will be lucky and some of you will face acne problems in advance. The little acne in your face, maybe you can still take care of it, but what if acne in advance grows up a lot?

Acne is a problem for many people and it is a normal thing for us. Acne usually occurs when you are growing up. Before we know more about this topic, it is best to know, the cause of acne arises in our face.

The main cause of acne arises in your face

1. Changes in hormones in the body
When the occurrence of hormonal changes in our body, such as menstruation, adolescent puberty, menopause, and pregnant.

2. Weather factor
Unpredictable weather and hot weather will cause acne to appear on your face.

3. Environmental conditions and pollution
Dirty, messy, smoggy environment of the plant will cause skin problems and acne on your face.

4. Stress
Physical stress, emotional stress can cause acne in our face.

5. Nutrition
Frequent intake of oily foods will cause acne. For example, you often eat fried foods every day, this habit will cause some people to have acne problems.

6. Allergy
Sometimes for some women, when they get beauty products for facials such as powder, facial cleanser, makeup, and when this product is not suitable it will cause allergies on their face and this will also cause acne.
Decorative picture

Photo by, Kjerstin_Michaela, Licenced Via Creative Commons
The effect of squeezing the acne on the face
You already know how acne arises in your face and the factors that cause it. Well, let's find out the effects that may arise if you squeeze the acne in your face.

Did you know, squeezing acne in advance should have special equipment to do this work and the equipment should be sterilized to prevent infection in your face?

If you squeeze acne with your fingers, it's likely that acne in your face will become more serious injuries because your hands are not sterilized and this is the reason for infection in the wound on acne.

The effect of squeezing acne will also cause changes in the skin of the face where the acne is squeezed. Your skin becomes blackish because of acne scars that are squeezed and this will take a long time to make skin color return to normal color.

For women, the hardest thing to cover makeup other than acne is soreness on the face. You should think about this effect before squeezing the acne on your face.

If you often squeeze the acne on your face, the condition may get worse and things that we do not want to happen, are the happening of inflammation in your face and the worst thing, bacteria will spread around the acne on your face.

The Best advice to you, be careful when squeezing acne on your face and use sterile equipment. If acne in your face is too much, maybe you can get treatment for a qualified healthcare professional.

Health Tips: Can You Clean Your Ears With A Cotton Bud?

From our childhoods, we are often taught by our parents how to clean our ears with cotton buds, and until we grow up, we still use cotton buds to clean our ear holes.

The question here, can you clean your ear with a cotton bud? This is because many rumors say, using cotton buds is not good for your ears.

Well, let's hear this explanation, clean the ear with cotton buds it is allowed, but the use of cotton buds regularly and routinely will cause your ear canal clogged with earwax.

How to use frequent cotton buds on the ear can cause your ear to clog up with earwax?

We learn first how to process ear wax through our ear canal. As we know the production of ear wax is due to the physiological process in humans.

When ear wax extraction occurs, the smooth capillary around the ear canal will carry out its task by wiping the ear wax out of our ear canal. This process happens naturally and we should not interfere with this process.

Decorative Picture.
Photo by, OpenClipart-Vectors, Licenced Via Creative Commons

The problem is here, many of us often disturb this process by using cotton buds to clean our ears. Did you know that if you disturb the ear wax production process, it will cause ear wax production to increase in your ear, plus you often clean the ear canal with cotton buds and this will cause your ear canal clogged with ear wax.

Each time you use cotton buds, the ear wax will be pushed more into your ear canal and this will cause the ear wax to approach the eardrum. The effects of this problem will prevent the sound waves and will cause hearing problems.

For some cases, the use of cotton buds over the ears causes the end of the cotton to be dislodged and cotton is left behind in the ear canal.

This will cause us to go to the hospital to remove cotton that is left in the ear canal, because, we can not remove it alone because the cotton is in the narrow ear canal and only the use of special equipment that can remove this cotton in the ear canal.

The best advice, you are advised to reduce the use of cotton buds and it is better that the ear wax production process on the ear canal naturally goes without us interrupting this process.

You are advised to use a nicer and harmless tool to clean your ear, for example, using the ear wax cleaner vacuum that is sold in the market at this time. This tool is like a vacuum and it is effective to clean our ear wax.

The Man Who Always Wears A Hat, Is It Risky To Cause Hair Loss?

Some of you may be wondering if it's risk to always wear a hat. This is often the case in men because there are those who always wear a hat. In fact, men prefer to wear a hat while outdoors because they feel wearing this hat is one of the fashion.

Nevertheless, some cases, men wearing caps while outdoors due to their bald head may be due to hair loss problems and possibly because their hair is cut short.

The question here, is it always wearing a risky hat for your hair to fall? Before that, we talked about what caused the hair loss problem and the connection with the use of a hat.

Well, we tell the real facts about this myth whether it is true or not. Among the causes of hair loss is that one is faced with a stress problem. However, stress is not the cause of major hair loss problems.

The actual cause of hair loss is the genes of your dad or your mother. However, it is said that if your dad has a hair loss, it will be passed on to the child due to the androgenic gene and that is why you have a hair loss problem.
Photo by, KlausHausmann, Licenced Via Creative Commons
In addition to the genes inherited from your family, the cause of hair loss is due to certain diseases, chemotherapy treatments, as well as, newly born women.

You already know the main cause of hair loss, and let's clarify the question of always wearing a hat will cause hair loss.

When we look back at the true cause of hair loss among men, the main cause is due to the genes of your family. Therefore, always wearing a hat does not cause hair loss. However, wearing too tight hats will cause damage to your hair but not damage your hair follicles!

Did you know that the source of hair oxygen is the follicle through the blood vessels rather than the air, therefore, wearing a hat does not cause your hair loss?

If you do not clean your hat well, the effect of always wearing a hat will cause your hair to become oily.

For you, why do you often wear a hat? Do you have a hair loss problem and feel inferior about this problem? Do not worry friends, you need to be sure about yourself, you just cut your hair neatly and do it as nothing happened.

Do you worry women do not like you because you are bald due to hair loss problems? Friends, this is a fact, women do not care about your hair and they prefer you if you are not wearing a hat because they love the man who is confident with yourself.

You do not believe this, look at those famous ones like Van Diesel, Austin Stone Cold, Bruce Willis, and more. They do not care about their hair problem and they are very confident with themselves.

Resume Ideas: How To Create The Best Resume For The Job Vacancy Offered

Hello, friends, this article is about how to create a resume for work. The author knows that readers who read this article are those who are looking for work.

Nowadays, work is vital to continuing our lives and to gain a better life. In fact, making this resume is not as hard as you think, it's very easy if you know the basics to make this work.

Why is this resume important to prepare for the vacancy offered? Yes, it is very important for reference by a company that offers you a job.

Well, the most important thing when creating a resume is what needs to be filled in the resume.

Important things must be in the resume

1. Your picture
Yes, in the white paper you provide, the first thing you need to put is your picture. The picture you are putting in is the latest picture of yourself. Which corner should this image be placed?

Ideally, in the resume, the image should be placed on the top left, middle, or right. It is better that the picture is a passport size and make sure your picture is in good condition, the hair is tightly stretched or shortcut, if you are a male, make sure the mustache and beige, shortcut and tidy.

2. Your bio
The second thing to put in your resume is about your bio data. Bio-data is like your full name, date of birth, address, telephone number, gender, and email if available.

3. Education
The third thing to put in your resume is about the level of your education. Put your education level from high school, college, and education at university level. Do not forget to place the same year when you are in the education.

The educational level is very important to be placed in the resume as a reference from an employer who offers you vacancies.

4. Award
The next thing to do is about the awards you've ever got. For example, maybe the award you have ever received at university, high school, or about any educational awards you have ever received.

If you have never received any award from any party, you do not have to put it on your resume.
Photo by, Typographyimages, Licenced Via Creative Commons
5. Skill
Well, the fifth thing you need to put in your resume is about your skills. It is better that the skills placed in the resume are recognized by the college or the authorization from which the skills' institution and you have a certificate of the skills.

The examples of skills are possible such as computer operating skills, craftsmanship, engine operation, mechanics, account management, management, or any of your acquired skills that are recognized.

6. Language
You can put on your resume about the language you can speak and other languages. For example, English, Chinese, or others.

7. Work experience
The last thing to put in your resume is about your work experience. For example, you have had work experience in five companies over the last 10 years.

Put the name of the company you have worked on in the resume and the year you worked. If you have experience working in five companies, place the five companies in your resume.

How? Is it easy? Making a resume is not as difficult as you think. When you have completed your resume, make a few more pieces for the preparation of other companies that offer vacancies.

8. Include a copy of the document
Once you have completed your resume, your documents such as identity cards, secondary school, and university certificates, skills, awards, must have a certified copy and these documents should be included in your resume.

Once your resume has been completed and copies of the documents have been prepared, and when you apply for the position offered, you simply submit your resume to the company that offers you vacancies and do not forget that you must bring the original documents and certificates when the company calls you to Interview.

One more thing, the resume needs to be made neat and orderly. Preferably, resumes need to be typed into the computer and the resume paper should be white. To look more professional, create a file for your resume together with a copy of the document and certificate.

The Highest Mountain In Malaysia

Malaysia is a country in the middle of the equator and is located in Southeast Asia. The country is close to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, and also the Philippines.

The tourism in the country is one of the sources of income that donates millions of ringgit a year to national income.

Like other countries, Malaysia has high mountain ranges and is very popular among the people in the country and is very popular among tourists from abroad.

Well, without wasting time, this article gives you a description of what is the highest mountain in Malaysia.

The author knows that reading this article is probably a reader who is outside the country or a local reader who wants to find the mountains in the country as knowledge only or you plan to climb the highest mountains in the country.

The highest mountain in Malaysia

1. Mount Kinabalu (4,095.2 m)
Where is this mountain located? The mountain is in the state of Sabah and its location is in the Ranau area. Do you know? This Mountain is the pride of the people here and also the sacred mountain.
Mount Kinabalu
Photo by, Ariel Steiner, Licenced Via Creative Commons

Every year, there are many tourists coming here and not only local tourists but tourists from around the world.

The presence of so many tourists who come to climb the mountain is not only because of its magnificent scenery but the mountain is also the highest mountain in Malaysia.

2. Mount Trusmadi (2,642 m)
This mountain is close to Tambunan Sabah. For those who are interested in jungle trekking, it is the second alternative after Mount Kinabalu.
Mount TrusMadi
Credit: Trusmadi Sinua Park & Riverside Lodge

If you intend to climb this mountain together with your friends, there are three tracks set by the Sabah Forestry Department,

A. Relax Trail

B. Mannan Trail

C. Mastan Trail

3. Mount Murud (2,423 m)
The third highest mountain in Malaysia is still on the island of Borneo, its location in Limbang Sarawak.
Lawi Rock At Mount Murud
Photo by, Mike Shanahan, Licenced Via Creative Commons

What this writer knows, this mountain is a sacred mountain for people living nearby. Climbers are not allowed to bring alcohol and smoking are prohibited.

However, the extent to which the truth has not been confirmed since the writer has yet to set foot to this mountain peak.

4. Mount Mulu (2,376 m)
The fourth highest mountain in Malaysia is Mount Mulu. The mountain's location is in the Miri area of Sarawak.
Mount Mulu
Photo by, Bernard DUPONT, Licenced Via Creative Commons

This mountain has many rocky caves and this is certainly one of the most exciting experiences for anyone who climbs this mountain.

5. Mount Tahan (2,187 m)
The location of Mount Tahan is in Pahang and this mountain is also the highest mountain in Peninsular Malaysia.

This mountain is very popular among local tourists because the route or trek to the top of the mountain is very challenging.

If you intend to climb this mountain, be sure to prepare your physical and mentally first.
Mount Tahan
Photo by, Ezehelm, Licenced Via Creative Commons
You already know the five highest mountains in Malaysia, if you intend to climb these mountains, it would be great if you climbed with friends who were interested in the same thing.

Nevertheless, the author advises you once again, preparing physical and mental before climbing.

If you are a tourist from abroad and have a desire to climb the mountains in this country, the writer welcomes you!

Actually, there are so many high mountains in the country but the writer only writes five of the highest mountains.

You Can Play Forex If You Already Have These Features

A few years ago, I have read some things about Forex and what I know, if you are trading foreign currency, you can earn a huge profit if the invested currencies rose sharply in the investment.

However, to gain profits in Forex investment is not as easy as you would expect. This is because you need a sacrifice to learn what is Forex investment.

Undoubtedly, many people out there are willing to spend time and energy to learn about Forex investment.

Do you know? They know the opportunities they will receive when they really know how the Forex system works.

So what are the features required to enable you to play Forex?

You can play Forex if you already have these features

1. Learn about Forex over a year
Yes, these are the features that must exist if you want to be a Forex investor. For most successful investors, they have learned that Forex has been in excess of a year.

They not only learn to squeeze Forex classes, but they also learn through the internet.

Photo by, PIX1861, Licenced Via Creative Commons
They also have books on how to invest in Forex. In short, they are really learning how investment works.

What about you? Have you learned Forex over a year? If you still do not meet this first requirement, you are advised to meet this shipment first.

In the first year, you learn this investment, you need to learn the basics in Forex, how to calculate, where to invest, types of currencies, and more to learn.

2. Have many friends who love the same field
Is it important for friends in this investment? Yes, friends are very important in Forex investment because you need a discussion, what is the currency to invest.

However, make sure your friends are the same as you who have invested long ago and have long been learning about this investment.

Try to imagine, if you are studying Forex yourself without friends who are interested in the same field, you may lose the idea, invest in the wrong currency, and eventually, you may suffer losses in your investment.

By having many friends who are interested in this investment, you can sit in a group with them and discuss what potential currencies and who influence the currency's rise.

3. You know the honest Forex Broker
What often happens to investors, they are often cheated by dishonest brokers for investors investing in their companies causing severe financial losses.

So, where is the place to get an honest broker? Outside there are many honest brokers but no less than brokers who are dishonest.

To get an honest broker, you have to do some research, asking the friends who first played this investment, where the brokerage company actually pays to their participants.

If you choose the wrong broker, the worst impact you have is you will lose all your investment money.

Is not that a dreadful dream? All the money you spend loses and the broker gives you some unreasonable excuse even though at that time the currency you invest has increased.

The best advice is, be careful when choosing a broker.

4. Know to trade currency and know who influenced the currency fluctuation
As previously mentioned, if you are trading currency in Forex, at least you need the skills to trade in currency over a year.

Remember! Never underestimate this investment as you are at high risk of losing your money.

Believe it, many experts who lost thousands of dollars after several hours of trading currency in Forex?

There are also experts who have lost all investment money after trading mistakes in wrong currencies.

Therefore, when you trade in currency, make sure you have thoroughly looked into the potential of the currency and, most importantly, you know who affects the position of the currency within a certain period of time.

Who influences the currency position? As we know, those who are capable of influencing the position of currency values in trade among them are the policies governing a government, war, brokerage, world banks, and so on.

5. Have a certain amount of investment money
If you are an expert in this currency trading, it would be of no use if you do not have the money to invest.

Therefore, this investment really requires you to have some money to invest in foreign currency trading.

What is the amount of money needed to invest in this investment? Actually, the amount of money to trade with the currency in Forex varies depending on the brokerage company.

Some companies only need $50 dollars to trade in their company and some companies require participants to trade with a minimum of $5000 dollars.

Where are your options? In any case, make sure you have enough money and always play without emotional stress.

Zoo Negara Ticket Price

Zoo negara familiar to locals, this zoo was opened to the public on 14th November 1963 located in Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia.

What I know, this zoo is managed by an NGO, namely, Zoology Association Malaysia.

The zoo is not only popular among the local people but very well known all over the world.

When this article was written, it is said there are 476 species of mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds.

I want to share some of my experiences while visiting these places and also the latest ticket prices at the Zoo Negara as a guide to all of you.

Ticket prices are the latest in zoo Malaysia
Well, according to my observations and experiences during a visit to the zoo, the following is a schedule and a list of ticket prices according to category.

To your knowledge Mykid and MyKad, reserved for residents only. This means that if you stay outside the country, you are in the category without Mykid or MyKad.

Zoo Negara Ticket Price By Category

1. Children
*3 to 12 years old
With Mykid
  • Normal Rate RM 11
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda =RM 22
  • Tram Rides=RM 4 *Kid below 2 year  Free
Without Mykid
  • Normal Rate= RM 27
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda = RM 43
  • Tram Rides= RM 7
2. Adult
With Mykad
  • Normal Rate= RM 32
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda = RM 54
  • Tram Rides= RM 8
Without Mykad
  • Normal Rate= RM 53
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda= RM 85
  • Tram Rides= RM 10
3. Senior Citizen
*65 year and above
With Mykad
  • Normal Rate= RM 16
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda= RM 27
4. School Concession Rate
  • Normal Rate= RM 9*A letter from school and student with uniform
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda= RM 11*A letter from school and student with uniform
  • Normal Rate= RM 11* with 10 student and A letter from school
  • Inclusive of Giant Panda= RM 11* with 10 student and A letter from school
Operation hours
The zoo is open every day, from Monday to Sunday but closed on Tuesday except on public holidays and school holidays. To your knowledge, this zoo is open from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm.
Zoo Negara cartoon
Additional charge
If you want to take some video in the zoo using your camera video will be an extra charge of RM15 per unit.

For the disabled there is no fee charged when entering the zoo. Even so, you must present the card valid disabled.

Group discounts
If you come to visit in the zoo in a group, the group is the minimum estimate of 30 people, you are entitled to a discount of 2 ringgits for each regular ticket price.

Animal show
Do not miss the show free of sea lions and macaws in the zoo every day, starting at 11.00 am and 03.00 pm. On Friday, the show starts at 11.00 am and 03.30 pm.

The last time the giant panda
Maybe you should see this table for the last hour to visit the giant panda. For weekdays, the last time was at 04.30 pm and on weekends, the last time was 05.30 am.

Provide suitable footwear
Through my experience when visiting this zoo, this area is very vast and is estimated to have an area of 110 acres of land. My advice, choose and wear suitable footwear as you walk in a long time. However, if you plan to ride the tram, you can wear any kind of shoes or slippers.

Come early in the morning
If you plan to visit this zoo, I give you a proposal to come as early as 09.00 am because this area is not only spacious but need time to explore and see many wild animals in this zoo.

Bird Nest Soup Health Benefits

Did you know about the benefits of bird's nest soup? This article, I want to highlight the benefits of bird's nest soup is very popular in Southeast Asia market, especially in Malaysia. Do you know the bird swiftlet? The birds mostly found in Asia such as China, Southeast Asia countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, and more. Bird's nest has properties that are very good to the health of the human body.

Bird's nest soup benefits to pregnant women
For pregnant women, making bird's nest soup will consistently improve the nutrition and health of infants and pregnant women. If the pregnant woman in labor, this soup will help accelerate the recovery of the body is weak, the body will quickly slim, and overall help maintains health and beauty.

The benefits of bird's nest soup to the baby
If the newborn is given a bird's nest soup is the soup dissolves into the milk, it will add to the health of the baby or add shortcomings there are in the body of the baby. Six-month-old baby, bird's nest soup if dissolving into mush, it helps stimulate the brain, increase appetite baby to eat, and help digestion, and constipation. Mix sugar cubes into a bird's nest soup in food for the baby porridge.
Bird Nest Soup
Photo by:

The benefits of bird's nest soup to children
For children, making bird's nest soup is consistent will provide many benefits to their bodies, for example, strengthen immunity, improve metabolism, and strengthen various body functions.

The benefits of bird's nest soup to a woman
Bird's nest soup nourishes very nice to women, for example, beautify and soften the skin, and maintains a timeless beauty. Moreover, if women have busy work, stress, tired, soup is capable of restoring enthusiasm and strength.

Other benefits of bird's nest soup
Bird's nest is rich in antioxidants, high protein content, amino acids, containing six hormones which are important to humans such as testosterone and stradiol. In addition, according to experts, this bird's nest also contains a number of carbohydrates and fats.

The benefits of bird's nest soup

1. To help strengthen the lungs and kidneys

2. Prevention of cancer

3. Set the supply of fluids in the body

4. Improve heart function

5. Reduce a cough, asthma, influenza, and throat infections and many other diseases.

6. Increase the body's reproductive cells

7. For the elderly, this soup can strengthen bones, tendons, and increase the body's resistance to disease

8. The food was very good for smokers, reduce the effects of nicotine, and attack cancer.

Even so, the bird's nest is very expensive health food. If you want a bird's nest, make sure you buy from the cooperative bird's nest to get a good price. In Malaysia, bird's nest business is very lucrative because of the high demand in Asia and Southeast Asia market. Residents in Sarawak, Malaysia, willing risking their lives to get the bird nests in caves that there are in the country because of very high prices in the market. According to reliable sources, they find bird nests are very worthwhile because they are able to earn thousands of Ringgit in one day.

Facts, Reality, Goodness, Why Are You Investing In Gold From Now

Your interest in investing? I want to share with you the tips about, goodness, facts, reality, why you should invest in gold started now. In this world, the gold and valuable items of interest to everyone. Who does not love gold? People interested in gold because gold is a unique material property, durable, permanent yellowish color, and gold signifies wealth to the wearer.

The price of gold is difficult to fall
According to history, in the days of the pharaohs, gold was traded at the time and the earliest currency used by human civilization. Did you know? A piece of gold coins at the time of the pharaohs is equal to the value of a coin gold money today.

This means, the gold is difficult to fall, and if the reference to expert analysts, gold prices will continue to rise in the long term. For example in 1990, the price of 1 gram of gold 999, at that time only RM50, but in 2015, 1 gram of gold, the value of close to RM200. While the trend in gold prices at present has decreased and increased, in the long term, gold prices will rise and continue to rise.

Multiple benefits
Those who make physical gold as an investment, you will get a double benefit if you are smart manipulate these investments. Imagine, at certain times in the short term, gold prices are soaring due to the policy of a country that affect the price of gold, investors, bankers, high demand or lack of supply of gold on the market. When the situation in gold prices soaring, many investors will sell their gold stored in multiple markets and create profits with ease.

Why Are You Investing In Gold From Now
Difficult to be destroyed
Gold has unique properties, hard and difficult to destroy. In the event of floods, fires, storms, and so on, gold remains resilient and will not be damaged when compared to paper money. Paper money is just paper and money alone is also very easy to be damaged and glad missing values declined. Did you know?

In the history of the use of paper money as the main currency, many countries have experienced bankruptcy due to the use of paper currency, paper money loses value as a result of incompetence to fully manage this currency.

Malaysia, Indonesia, Greece, Congo, and many other countries have been the financial crisis as a result of currency paper. What about gold? In the history of human civilization, physical gold has never made a bankrupt country.

The best investment of all time
In the history of gold investment, any person never had a bankruptcy due to investing in gold, even so, many who suffer from bankruptcy because of not knowing how to properly invest in gold. Physical gold is a valuable asset and those who know the secret of gold investment will earn a fortune over time.

Malaysia country alone, gold shops ranging from the Chinese, are able to survive from generation to cultivate their gold shops and Malaysia during the economic recession experienced in 1998, they did not suffer any harm because they have valuable assets, namely physical gold.

Banks, willing to do business in gold and try to attract investors to invest in them because the bank knows, the gold will not fall within the term. American, for example, has kept tons of gold for supplies in the event of an economic crisis on the dollar value of the currency.

Physical gold can be exchanged for money
Everyone knows, Physical gold can be exchanged for money. Why not keep the gold but prefer to keep the money? You should be aware, the money will go down the shed every day and in the long run, money has decreased significantly.

For example, in 1999, if you have RM50 and want to buy daily necessities at the supermarket, you can buy a lot of things, but if the present value of RM50 only able to buy just a few items only.

This means that the money will lose value in the long term. I have a friend who works as a lecturer at the University Malaysia Pahang during my stay in Kuantan, Pahang. My friend is very interested in investing in gold, he said to successful investing in gold, half of the salary you receive each month, buy gold because gold is the most precious treasure of all. He said he bought gold every month for several years, has reached a kilo.

All countries receiving gold
During the Vietnam war crisis a few years ago, most people had already fled the country and sought political asylum in a third country. They sell all their property and buy gold to serve as an important asset during the refugees.

Why they do not use currency Vietnam? This is because the Vietnamese currency has no value at that time and all countries not to accept the currency of that country. Vietnam people know, gold can be received in any country and has the same value as gold in the country of destination.

Those who sell gold will acquire wealth
If you know the secret of gold, you will gain wealth. How Chinese in Malaysia, easy to profit by selling gold? Secret profits selling gold is the “we buy” and “we sale’’.

When you buy gold, you are categorized as, ‘’we buy’’ and when you sell gold, you are categorized as ‘’we sale'’. The price of gold we buy, '' we sell '', is different and you have to understand the difference in gold prices here. Those who sell gold, will impose some costs of wages and this is the secret of their profits.

How Long To Invest To Win The Lottery

Are you a lottery player? In this world, many people interested in this game and some are willing to invest a lot of money by simply wish to win the lottery, even though so many of them suffered losses and some have never won the lottery despite having invested money in large quantities.

Even so, no doubt, every day many lottery players who become instant millionaires because of their fate and luck are very nice.

In Malaysia, for instance, if you look at Sport Toto website and see the history of lottery winners, each draw, you will see many people winning lotteries and earn money with which hundreds of thousands of Ringgit.
how long to invest to win the lottery

Know the facts lotteries
Lotteries designed to make you hard to win this game, however, and if you're lucky, you will get a large amount of money by betting a little money. This makes many people to try their luck in investing in this game but many of those that have failed. Why does this happen? As most of the players, they feel the game is very easy to win, but the game is actually very difficult to win it.

Prepare your mind
If you really want to win the lottery, prepare your mind in advance because, this game actually requires you to focus, and you must know the risk to play this game. While you play the lottery, you are playing with your feelings and if you do not focus, you will run into bankruptcy and is recommended you stop to play the lottery because it will get worse and you will not earn any revenue from your efforts.

Say to yourself, you are investing in this game and just rely formula math facts and do not expect miracles. Apart from that, you must know your financial situation and do not spend your money just to win this game because it's not worth the investment.

Use strategy
As said by experts mathematical probability, the secret of the game is to know the pattern lottery numbers you bet. Each number lottery, will be hit again within a certain time and this means, you do not need to play with a lot of numbers to bet. What number should you bet whenever the draw? Only one number or two numbers. This is because, if you play with a lot of numbers, you risk getting confused and you will lose focus on identifying high-risk number to hit.

If you look at individuals who have won the lottery, they only focus on one or two numbers at stake and the effort is successful. They have invested in the right way because they've won the lottery. Playing lotteries not expect a victory today but the game is long-term investment. According to the mathematical fact, the number will hit when they are in position to hit pattern.

8 Top Universities In Malaysia

Latest, 8 Top Universities In Malaysia. Malaysia is a country that has a lot of local universities, private universities and colleges. Even so, only a few universities in the country that has a list of the best universities in Asia, according to the group ranking issued by QS World University, in 2015 and 2016.

According to my reading of various resources, criteria for the selection of the best universities is based on ease of places of learning, the contribution of a project paper, faculty, graduates who have successfully reputation, reputation for academic excellence, international outlook, commitment to teaching, research impact, and more.

In 2015/2016, eight universities in Malaysia have been listed as among the best universities in Asia and this means, this is the best universities in Malaysia.

Unbelievable, the best university in Asia monopolized the university of a small country, National University of Singapore (NUS) and the University has been ranked 12 in the world.
Top Universities In Malaysia

Before I list the best universities in Malaysia, let's look at the top 20 best universities in Asia.

1. National University of Singapore (NUS)
2. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)
3. Tsinghua University- China
4. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
5. The University of Hong Kong
6. Seoul National University
7. University- Kyoto, Japan
8. The University of Tokyo
9. Peking University- China
10. KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
11. The Chinese University of Hong Kong
12. Fudan University- China
13. Tokyo Institute of Technology
14. City University of Hong Kong
15. Osaka University- Japan
16. National Taiwan University (NTU)
17. Shanghai Jiao Tong University- China
18. Tohoku University- Japan
19. Pohang University of Science And Technology (POSTECH)- S. Korea
20. Korea University

The best universities in Malaysia is the University of Malaya (UM) and the university has been listed in the ranking of 62 in Asia, and 146 in the world ranking. Here are 7 universities listed in the QS World University Rankings in Malaysia for 2015 and 2016.

8 Top Universities In Malaysia

1. universiti Malaya (UM)
2. Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)
3. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
4. Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
5. Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)
6. International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
7. Universiti Teknologi MARA – UiTM
8. Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

If you want to know more about the best universities in the world, asia, Malaysia, you can continue to link derived from this source,

Adrien Broner Is A True Warrior?

I was a fan of the sport of boxing and I'm very interested boxer from Cincinnati, Ohio, United States, Adrien Broner. He is a professional boxer and a very hard to beat for a few seasons and lost his last in 2013 at the beginning of his career. Adrien Broner was defeated by Marcos Maidana at the time.

On Saturday, I saw he was defeated from the beginning till the start of the match at the MGM Grand competition. He took a beating for attempting to delay showdown and hold his opponent, and I know this is a secret strategy to win the game but the jury knows, boxer 25 years has been subject to deductions of points.

Even so, on lap 12, Broner trying to bounce back to defeat his opponent but it was impossible at this round. what I see, at the end of the round, he has managed to make a strong left hook but before the jury finished counting points, his opponent has managed to get up.

In this game, the jury has rated 114-112, 115-111 and 118-108, and this has given the victory in favor of the boxer Shawn Porter.

Although competition MGM Grand was defeated, I know, Broner has high morale and are not easy to give up. This boxer has vowed, he is a star that is hard to beat and says himself, he'll fight anybody.
Adrien Broner is a true warrior

Broner has admitted himself that he is a true warrior and a fighter who feared by opponents because of his determination to fight. he knew, people would ask signatures and take pictures with him.

I really like this boxer words, 'I am a true warrior,' This is symbolized, his fighters have actually had the blood of heroes and born to fight against the enemy. Although I do not live in United State, I often find information about these boxers on the internet. You are the hero Adrien Broner, continue your hard work!

How To Download YouTube Videos On Your Smartphone

How to download video from YouTube via smart phones? Perhaps many people still do not know how or are still looking for how to download video and save video in your smart phone. I also like you, even so, you can learn it easily on the internet. Before, I never did write how download video YouTube via laptop, this is exactly the same way and do not change. Anyone who has read my articles, you actually have to find out this way. 

Download YouTube video app in Google store charge?
Before I explain to you in detail how to download video via smart phone, I will share to you how I find the application download video YouTube  through Google play store  and have managed to find an application, but it does not work anymore because application owners were charging.

I have attempted to find free applications on the internet but did not find again and most applications download video YouTube charge. On the internet, we still have some way that is easy and free, and I prefer to use this way and why you should buy the actual application you can get for free?

An easy way to download YouTube videos from your smart phone
Well, I will teach you how to download video YouTube back of your smart phone in an easy and free.

1. Open Google chrome on your smart phone and make sure your phone has a powerful Internet access

2. Open the website YouTube and choose the video you want to download

3. Add the letters 'SS' in the URL address that you want to download this song in YouTube
- For example, your song is, When you're gone - Avril Lavigne, and this song is the URL address,

- Throw the letter 'm' and add the letters 'SS', URL address to download the song is like this,

4. Press Enter and you'll go to the website,

5. Select the video you want and press the download button. See examples like the photo below.

6. Wait until the download is complete and the video will automatically save on your smart phone.

Proton Launches New Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle (4x4)

Proton Sdn. Bhd. Has launched a new vehicle four wheel drive (4x4) for the first time in the country and it has given full attention in the press vehicle. When you visit a website journalist vehicle, ( you will see some photo's latest vehicle Proton company Sdn. Bhd, and for your information, this car was already in the Malaysian market.

I actually do not know the exact date of the launch of a new vehicle, but it has become popular in applications WhatsApp and were distributed to the group and individuals. When I opened a message in the group WhatsApp, friends in the group has shared its latest four-wheel drive cars owned by Proton.

I immediately opened the popular website, and read reviews written by journalist vehicle but the description has been written about this vehicle is still small and not clearly described, what is certain, pic-up truck car is inspired by the design Exora MPV. Even so, you will be satisfied to see clearly every corner of this vehicle in Paul tan website.
Credit Photo:
According to press sources, chairman of Proton, Tun Mahathir, has declared all models of Proton vehicles will surpass Euro 5 emission standards in the nearest term but has not said when it will implement this because, Proton is still not ready for the higher costs. Even so, he said, Proton still has the best quality.

In my view, four-wheel drive cars belonging protons will be competing with the brand's famous four-wheel drive in Malaysia, such as Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Mitsubishi, because, Proton vehicle has a spare parts are cheap and easily available in the Malaysian market.

Residents on the island of Borneo, Sarawak and Sabah, has a hilly road and the launch of this four wheel drive vehicles may be good news for them because, Proton vehicle has a vehicle price lower than other vehicle brand.

Interesting Island In Sabah

Interesting Island In Sabah. Sabah state is a state under the rule of Malaysia, and its location is the island of Borneo. Sabah has many places of interest, this time my article, I wanted to write an attractive island around this state for a guide to those who come in Sabah to travel.

Sabah has many attractive tourist island and to your knowledge, thousands of tourists from different countries come to travel in this country every year. 

How to travel to Sabah
Most tourists come in Sabah is through tour packages offered by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia or private travel company based in Malaysia. Even so, if you use these services, you can only visit certain places in Sabah and packages offered require you to come in groups.

If you come alone or without the use of any tour package, you must fully understand your trip to avoid getting lost while in Sabah.

If you come in Sabah to visit the islands attractive, scuba diving, in my opinion, you should use agents in Sabah tourism companies to simplify your holiday trip because most of the local communities in this country are not proficient in speaking English.
Sabah Map

Well, here I list the islands are particularly interesting in Sabah and you must visit this island because the island has its own unique charm.

List of famous Tourist Island in Sabah

1. Mantanani island
2. Manukan Island, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
3. Mabul Island, Semporna, Sabah
4. Pulau Sipadan, Semporna,  Sabah
5. Sapi Island, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
6. Tiga islands, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
7. Bohey Dulang island, Semporna, Sabah
8. Kapalai island, Semporna, Sabah
9. Bangi island, Kudat, Sabah
10. Bum-Bum Island, Semporna,  Sabah
11. Mataking Island, Semporna, Sabah
12. Timba-Timba island, Semporna, Sabah
13. Sibuan Island, Semporna Sabah
14. Magalum Island
15. Layang-Layang Island
16. Balambangan Island
17. Langkayan Island
18. Selingan Island

In my opinion, island diving activities once the most popular in Sarah is, Ibadan island. The island is among the 77 wonders of the land and the world's best in 2009. The island is one of the best diving destinations in the world. In fact, there are many more islands in Sarah which I did not mention here. I only lists the popular island alone.